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About this Site

What is MichiganNative.com, anyway?

It's a pet project. A labor of love. A place for Michigan natives and expatriates to talk about the place we have called home.

And you are...?

Why, I'm Eric Weaver, your host, your maître d', your digital bus driver.

I'm a long-time advertising guy. I built some of the first corporate websites back in the mid 90s and then became a dot-com CEO. I have raised three sweet, beautiful chilluns, helped an Irish town win $32MM from the Irish Government, spoken at many a conference, fallen asleep at the wheel somewhere west of Corunna, and even climbed an Alp. I also think my name may still be on the wall of a pizzeria in Grand Rapids, for putting the most pizza slices in my mouth at one time, and successfully ingesting them. Impressive, no? (don't answer that)

I grew up in Grand Rapids, and after living and working everywhere from Hamburg, Germany to Orange County, California, I now am Soggy in Seattle.

Why'd you start this site?

I was born and spent the first thirty years of my life in the Wolverine State. My ancestors were some of the first white settlers in Ingham County. Michigan is part of my chemistry, part of my nature. The pragmatic Midwestern outlook, the social conservatism, the smart-assed cynicism...the vague ease with firearms. And, of course, the occasional need for cheap Canadian beer, a sloppy coney island, and the urge to crank up my audio system and freakin' floor it, yo.

Back in 1995, I created the Michigan Accent Pronunciation Guide, my attempt to capture some of the charming and funny sayings that could only come from my home state. And I got so much traffic and positive feedback that I decided to create something where people could not only read, but share as well. Hence, MichiganNative.com, dude.

All this effort...shouldn't you go give blood or something?

Actually, it's not much effort, and I do give blood, thank you very much. And... it's been my experience that those who say "why don't you go give blood" are usually the ones who never have, hypocritical little buttmonkeys that they are.

I have some additions for the Michigan Accent Pronunciation Guide.

Great! Would love to hear them. Just, uhh, please make sure you READ THE GUIDE before submitting. Most of the suggestions I get are already in the Guide... if only one would take the time to read the thing. *sigh*

What's "Michigear?"

Other states have schwag... shouldn't we?  I always had wished I could pick up some tacky stuff to show the world I was from the Mitten... but rarely found anything interesting. The Michigear Store is my attempt to create some coolio gear to make the people here in Washington green with envy. (of course, they're usually green... it rains 24/7 and they don't move very quickly...)

I wrote you but you never wrote me back.

"You don't bring me flowaahhhhhhsss..."  How do I say this nicely... this is a hobby that I RARELY spend any time on, and I have a job. The daily email load I get is enormous. I do read every email but rarely respond. Kripes almighty, don't take it personally.

Who's the girl on the home page?

Speaking of kids, the beautiful, sweet young lady on the home page is the elder of my two lovely daughters. Ain't she just the cutest thang? Oh I could jush pinch her widdo cheek, she's jush de cutesht widdo...

...oh, go get yer own home page.

Many thanks to the kind folks at TravelMichigan for the use of their fine photography.

Thanks also to the many, many folks who have contributed ideas and suggestions to the Michigan Accent Pronunciation Guide over the last 17 years!